Topographic Iteration I-VI, 2014

Pigment print on Masa Japanese paper, crumpled by hand
Edition of 6 variants.
48 x 84" (101.6 x 213.36 x 5.08 cm) each

All photos by Joerg Lohse

Topographic Iterationa came out of my longstanding interest in folding. Crumpling is a more chaotic form of folding. To make them, I take a high resolution photograph of a crumpled piece of white Japanese Masa paper, and then print that photograph onto another sheet of the same paper at the same scale. Then I crumple it once more. The final object is a photograph of an original physical object and a real physical object overlaid on top—or merged into one new entity resulting in an interaction of illusionary (printed) crumples and real crumples.