The Draughtsman's Net #1-8, 2016

Woven porcelain on steel base.
Each approx: 35 x 22 x .25 inches (88.9 x 55.8 x .63 cm)

The Draughtsman’s Net #1-8, take their title from Durer’s 16th C. drawing instrument (a wooden frame with a net of black threads forming a grid). Durer’s net gathered three dimensional information from the world, and translated it for drawing onto a 2d surface. These nets act as sculptural grid-like objects to look through, while at the same time they relate back to the drawn or painted line- here released from the picture plane. There is also an intentional relationship with architectural Mashrabiya: the latticework screens seen in many countries of the Middle East. The word Mashrabiya comes from the verb Ashrafa, to overlook or to observe. The objects themselves lie on the delicate edge of two and three dimensions.