Stainless steel and stainless steel wire
h. 108 in x w. 216 in x d. 28 in (274 x 548 x 71 cm)
Photos: Stephen Ironside and Jacqueline McGilvray

Collection of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR

Originally commissioned by Blue Star Contemporary Art, San Antonio, TX,
Scattering Screen is a sculpture that explores the space between things. The small mirrored circles reflect light and scatter the visible surroundings into thousands of tiny pieces, shifting and moving across the sculpture like an analog screen. The play between the reflections and spaces between reflections draws attention to the idea of solidity itself as the sculpture creates an optical continuum where negative and positive space continually intertwine.

I'm also looking at large-scale steel sculpture in a new way. Instead of creating a solid and heavy welded piece, like most public metal sculpture, I’ve made something flexible and light- permeable. It’s made by knitting the metal together with wires instead of welding. The steel acts more like a fabric than a solid unchanging object.