Invariant Interval, 2013-2015

Stainless steel wire, aluminum collars, glass beads
20ft h x 16ft w x 15ft d (609.6 x 487.6 x 457.2 cm)

Photos: John Bentham and Heather Ainsworth

Notable for its room-filling expansiveness, Invariant Interval is an exploration into representing volume without mass, form that responds to and illustrates the mechanics of gravity, and the complex relationship between negative and positive space—themes that are recurrent in Shotz’s work. The overall shape and contours of the piece are determined by its stainless-steel wires, which thread silvered glass beads that pick up and refract the surrounding light, resulting in a luminous, galactic effect. The linear quality of the wire makes for a kind of drawing in space, and the boundaries between form and edges dissolve and materialize depending on the viewer’s location in relation to the work and on the changing effects of light throughout the day.

-excerpt from Tracy Adler text "Alyson Shotz: Force of Nature", catalogue, 2015