Untitled, 2007

Flameworked borosilicate glass
13” H x 11” W x 12” L

Collection of Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT.

This glass sculpture was made while I was Happy and Bob Doran, Artist in Residence at Yale University Art Gallery. It’s based on grain boundary ice melting, a phenomenon Prof. John Wettlaufer, A.M Bateman professor of Geophysics, Mathematics and Physics describes like this: “Like bubbles in foam, an ice cube or a glacier consists of many individual crystals, separated from each other by boundaries where liquid persists, even though the temperature is below freezing. The symmetry of the liquid network is controlled by the crystal structure and writhes through the ‘solid’ ice.” This glass structure describes the liquid water channels and the negative space is where the ice crystals would be. It was fabricated by Daryl Smith, Yale scientific glassblower at Yale Sterling Chemistry Lab.

Featured in American Glass: The Collections at Yale, by John Stuart Gordon.

Network (between Crystals), 2007

Flameworked borosilicate glass
16” H x 8” W x 8” L
Edition of 3 with 1 AP