Experiment in Gravity, 2019.

Installation at the Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga, TN for “Alyson Shotz: Un/Folding”, 2019.

Punched, painted aluminum trailor truck skin, stainless steel rings, painted steel bases.
54” x 145” x 130”

Photos: David Andrews

Experiment in Gravity is a metal quilt composed of thousands of tiny aluminum hand woven, punched metal parts. The shape is based on an animation of the same material dropped through space and stopped in time. The structure is made to support that floating shape. Fabricated as a two dimensional plane, the sculpture becomes three dimensional as it responds to the structure below it. The surface is defined by what’s underneath. 

This sculpture reimagines the notion of what metal sculpture should look like: instead of being a solid heavy welded object, it is comprised of many parts entwined together- flexible, sagging, responsive to light.